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Fuel Creative, Inc. is a full service visual communications production company.  We have over 20 years of marketing, editorial and design experience in major market television, post-production boutiques and corporate communications in and outside of RVA.
Fuel partners with our clients to find creative solutions to their visual communications needs.   We provide all production and post production services including Content Development, Scriptwriting, Production Crews, Producer/Directors, Editing and Visual Effects/Animation.

We are content producers, directors, writers and editors.

And we want to help you TELL YOUR STORY.

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Anyone can make a video,

but creating effective communications

takes expertise.


Our Team

We’re proud to partner with the best agencies,

corporate marketing managers and

production crew in RVA.



Making an IMPACT

There are many ways to single-handedly make an impact in this world. Volunteer, donate, raise awareness. Here in RVA, we have Impact 100. The mission of Impact 100 is to improve the lives of women and their families by transforming a local nonprofit through a significant, collective financial investment. It’s based on a simple formula.

What I learned from Createathon at VCU 2014

All I know is that when Peyton Rowe from VCU (@createathonvcu) asks you to help, you say YES!    Several years ago, when I was a student in a non-profit marketing course at the Univ. of Richmond, I had a very enthusiastic instructor that regaled the class with her tales of a little event she […]

New Website – New Logo – Same Mission!

Welcome to our new and improved website. We hope that you’ll find it much easier to navigate and to understand what Fuel is all about! We started this company in 2003 with the hope of just creating some cool videos for good people, and since then it has grown to so much more.

With the changes in technology — and the fact that video-making is becoming increasingly easier for consumers to achieve — Fuel has adapted our equipment, our skill sets, and our ability to serve our customers. In 2003 we had a room dedicated to tape decks and our suites used to be filled with clients taking the day to supervise their creations and work alongside us, and play a little competitive foosball at the same time. However, with game changing technology like shooting on hard drive and/or flash cards, to streaming broadcast spots to TV stations, (what’s a Beta SP tape?), Fuel now provides all their clients with access to their videos in progress throughout the day via flash files and internet downloads. The “machine room” gathers quite the herd of dust bunnies these days! Eleven years later, we still have high-end industry standard equipment, the most advanced software and all the bells and whistles that come along with that gear, but it’s all just stuff to stay competitive in the ever-changing tech world.

Who we are at Fuel is the same since 2003. We are professional storytellers. We are YOUR creative partners. We want to help you tell your story in whatever way you want.

That’s who we are, and that will never change. You can count on that. Happy New Year to all of you!

We've MOVED!! (but only a few blocks away)

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